How do species respond to environmental changes?

My research motivations are to understand and predict species’ responses to environmental perturbations -such as climatic factors, diseases, interactions with other species including humans- with a specific interest in how evolutionary and ecological processes interact to shape life histories in group-living birds and mammals. Beyond theoretical interests, I am motivated by using these results to inform conservation actions.

Recent Posts

Mathematics of Kinship Demography

In social species, demographic processes are functions of cooperative and competitive interactions among individuals. In this project, we seek to understand the dynamic interplay between kinship interactions, population dynamics and evolution of life history traits by developing kin-structured population models, and applying them to multiple species including humans. This project is led led by S.Lire la suite « Mathematics of Kinship Demography »

Environmental changes and human demography

Unlike in ecology, where environmental variation is a central concept, projection models used in human demography focus mainly on social, economical, genetic and physiological factors influencing age-dependent vital rates. I spent three years (2016-2018) working at the University of Montpellier in a lab specialized on human ageing (MMDN lab) to gain experience in human demography.Lire la suite « Environmental changes and human demography »

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